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shop and shoot with Chickeeduck | maximum hkd1,500 OFF | summer family photo session 2020

Updated: Apr 1

(offer expired)

It's time to get new outfits for your kids and do a photoshoot in this gorgeous summer light! Shop at Chickeeduck and the amount you spent can be used as credit towards our shoot. (capped at hkd1,000 per shoot) Wear the outfits from Chickeeduck to our shoot and you will get a further hkd500 off.

夏天為大地帶來靚相!絕對認同夏天戶外影相係有啲攞命,但係只要你夠薑,夏天嘅光線係超靚!!! 但影相除咗光線之外,衣著亦都係係極之重要嘅一部分。由即日起只要你係 Chickeeduck 實體店或者網店購物,你買幾多我平番幾多俾你。 (上限為 hkd1,000) 另外如果小朋友再著埋出嚟影相,再額外平多 hkd500 比你!即係如果計到盡,最多可以平 hkd1,500!

disclaimer: This is not a joint promotion or advertising with Chickeeduck. It is solely an offer I made on behalf of myself and myself only. Chickeeduck is NOT aware of nor notified of this offer.

利申: 呢個 offer 係完全同 Chickeeduck 冇關係嘅。純粹係我自己做嘅,亦無聯絡或通知 Chickeeduck。太少有膽為香港人企出嚟嘅商人啦,你唔搵我影相好閒。但請你用行動話俾香港嘅商界知佢哋應該企係邊一邊。

example 1:

you bought hkd950 worth of clothing from Chickeeduck, but not wearing them to our shoot.

- you will get hkd950 off our summer family session.


假設你係 Chickeeduck 買咗 hkd950 嘅衫,但係唔著出來影相。

- 我哋輯家庭相就會平 hkd950。

example 2:

you bought hkd800 worth of clothing from Chickeeduck and you also wear them to our shoot.

- you get hkd800 + hkd500, a total of hkd1,300 off our family photo session.

例子2: 假設你係 Chickeeduck 買咗 hkd800 嘅衫,而又著埋出來影相。 - 我哋輯家庭相就會平 hkd800 + hkd500, 總數減 hkd1,300。

To claim this offer:

1. Upon making a booking for this summer's family photo session. Present an official invoice of your purchase from Chickeeduck (must be within 7 days), either through Chickeeduck official online shop or from one of Chickeeduck's retail shops.

2. Your price will be calculated based on the invoice you supplied. (capped at hkd1,000)

3. We would then discuss and confirm a date (from now on through to 30th, September, 2020)

4. If any of your kids wear Chickee duck outfits (at least a top/dress) throughout our shoot, a further hkd500 will be deducted from the final payment.

點樣用呢個 offer: 1. 當你聯絡我 book 夏天嘅戶外家庭相嘅時候,只需出示7日內嘅 Chickeeduck official 收據。係 Chickeeduck 實體店或者網 Chickeeduck official online shop嘅收據都可以。 2. 你嘅價錢將會減去你 Chickeeduck 張單嘅數目。(上限係 hkd1,000) 3. 跟住落嚟就係要一齊夾下拍攝嘅日子 (由即日起至 30/9/2020) 4. 拍攝當日如果小朋友全程都係著 Chickeeduck 嘅產品 (最少一件上衫或裙) 尾數將會額外再減 hkd500。

note: This offer is not to be used in conjunction with other offers. 'NT photography' reserves the rights of all final decisions.





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