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Family Travel (Overseas) Details

Bring your own photographer to capture precious moments of your family trips.


Having fun with the kids while striving for the best quality and a natural timeless finish is a HUGE deal! 

If that ticks your boxes, there are no better place to be.


what you get

  • included is 6 hours of tag along time service per day. 

  • 30 digital images plus extras per day.

  • amount of resulting photos will be determined by the happenings of the day.  Which includes standard family photos and candid moments.

  • there's no option to buy extra images, number of extras beyond the 30 included images are solely determined by NT photography.

  • the only way to result in more images is to truly enjoy the moments with your loved ones.  

photo retouching

All images will receive the travel pack edit which includes but not limited to

  • face blemishes and scratches removed or lightened 

  • face and body slimming  

  • lighting optimisation 

  • skin tone optimisation

note: none of the above will be overdone, every procedure works together to achieve a timeless and natural finish. All images will be in the highest resolution possible.



It will all be based on your arrangements unless previously discussed.  

images lead time

  • you will receive a few images within 24hrs from our actual shoot, to give a rough idea of the finished images. 

  • final images lead time is approximately 6-10 weeks from end of trip.

satisfaction guarantee

I have a very high standard on my work, provided that my style is your cup of tea, if final results are deemed unsatisfactory, a reshoot will be offered OR you will be asked to keep the remaining balance as a gift. 

by now it's hard to believe you are still not convinced, perhaps

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get rate and availability via signal on (+852) 9300 4889

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also reachable on

phone: +852 9300 4889

facebook page: click here


Instagram: iNiley

personal projects: click here


fill out a contact form here 

I will get back to you as soon as possible


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