my story

I have a very strong focus on family/maternity portraits. I do love kids, but that isn't the reason...

Year 2007 on thanksgiving day I used the very finger that I press my camera shutter to turn off my mom's life support machine. I held her in from warm to cold, my eyes were as good as a completely off focus F1.2 lens. Heartbreaking? Yes! But there was no other way.

Growing up as a child there were a lot of things I did not understand. Not until she left me to a place without pain, I started to understand things a little better. I can't help but be amazed at what a mom can do for their kids. For as long as i know, she has always... ALWAYS been providing the best of any human being could possibly do for their kids.

Knowing the obstacles she had to face, I couldn't come up with a better explanation other than having superpowers. Obviously, me being the kid that made her pulls her own hair out daily didn't exactly make things any easier.

From an income/business prospective I truly understand what I do isn't the best area.

But all my mom wanted for me is to be happy, to be able to do what I love and I m doing exactly that.

I would say I have much more respect for moms than an average person. Someday given the ability I would like to do greater and bigger things for moms in need. So to me it was crystal clear since the first day of my photography career that I only want to work with moms. I can't say I will stick to that for the rest of my life, but I will for as long as I can.