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Family portrait half session


So, what are you doing this summer? I'll be offering a family portrait half session.

Summer Family portrait half session (applicable shoot date: 15/7/2023 ~ 31/8/2023)

- half the time (don't get too playful with me, or I ll keep you longer) - same top notch quality with half the quantity. (knowing myself, I might end up providing more images than agreed) - session will only be held on relatively cooler time of the day - while summer light is absolutely unmatched for great photos, there is only a very limited time of the day for that awesome result, only 1 booking per day and you know we'll always be there fresh. - of course, with less time and quantity, so is what comes out of your wallet. - If your child is a bit on the shy side or does not enjoy strangers, I would still recommend a full session just so we have plenty of time to mingle around and make friends.

This is the lowest I have ever charged in yearssssss, so price is 100% non-negotiable. (don't even try)

A full compariasion and details of summer family portrait half session HERE


夏天嘅光線影相就一定係最靚,不過影相姐,唔使搵命博嘅。為咗影得靚又唔洗影到好似游完水咁,half session is back.

Summer Family portrait half session (適用拍攝日期: 15/7/2023 ~ 31/8/2023)

- 拍攝時間減半 (或者睇心情啦,好玩嘅話我會唔放你走) - 提供嘅相質素不變,只有數量減半 (我都唔敢講實, 玩得開心可能會唔小心多好多相) - 只會係每日"比較涼爽"嘅時段影 - 每日最靚光線嘅時間有限,所以每日只會影一輯。 - 時間同相都少咗,咁當然價錢都係啦 - 帶返頭盔,少咗時間同小朋友make friend, 如果你屋企小朋友比較怕陌生人, 建議都係 full session 適合啲, 不過通常細路仔都好鍾意我,所以自行考慮啦。

影開就知,已經好多年未收過一個咁低嘅價錢。 唔好再問我平啲,質素依然係首要,只係唔想大家咁辛苦。(我承認主要係我淆底)

由於時間關係我已經幫你compare埋full同half嘅分別喇: HERE


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