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On location student profile photo | limited time offer

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

On location student photo | limited time only

Kids' will always be the most comfortable at home, so why not have your kids' student photo done professionally at home?

base content:

- choose 2 as final images (soft copies on your choice of background)

- includes skin edit and blemishes removal

- prints x8 in standard student photo size (will be able to mix between the 2 images you picked)

- any plain colour background of your choice

soft copies will be ready in 3 working days after photo selection. Prints will come in the mail in 4 working days after completion of soft copies.

price is hkd750 for one person


- hkd450 for the second person, hkd400 for the third person and each person thereafter. (each person receives the "base content" treatment by default)

- extra soft copy image hkd150

- extra print hkd50 for 4 prints

- extra background hkd100

- urgent edit hkd150 (will edit in front of you straight after the shoot)

- urgent edit + on location print hkd300

*NOTE* Your place must have visitor's parking or nearby hourly parking within 5 min of walking distance (Yea, i m super lazy)

If in doubt or to make bookings, get in touch with me ;)

Text me on Signal on 93004889 TG @ NT831


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