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complimentary photo session 免費家庭相

Updated: Apr 2



放心,我絕對唔係怪叔叔。擔心嘅話,可以係呢度了解少少我嘅背景 click here,或者你就會明白我咁做嘅原因。


- 經濟上比較緊張,暫時唔容許你請一個家庭攝影師

- 你嘅政見係同我一致 (唔清楚嘅可以自己FC,我都會FC番你)

- 單身媽媽優先


有興趣嘅麻煩請 click呢度填妥頁底嘅資料,我會篩選後再聯絡你。



complimentary family photo session

Looking for families to do photo sessions, not a one off thing, more like a long term thing I want to do. Pay me with that genuine smile I captured from your face.

I know a lot of us are having financial difficulties, especially over recent years. But don't let your short term situation get to us. No matter how dark the night is, sun will rise. Your kids definitely deserves to enjoy their joyful moments.

In case it worries you a tiny bit, I assure you i ' m not some creepy uncle. Here's a quick background of myself click here.

conditions to apply:

- experiencing financial difficulties, hiring a family photographer would otherwise be a very low priority on your list

- same political view as me (please check my social media if in doubt)

- priority goes to single moms

There is only one me in this entire universe, and time is also limited. I m unable to guarantee I can shoot for everyone, but I'll do what I can. If you are interested, please click here scroll down and fill in the form, I'll do some filtering and get back to you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.



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